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2ndInternational Workshop on
Collaborative Information Seeking


Although most digital information-seeking tools are designed for solo use, studies have shown that groups of many types (e.g., students, families, and knowledge workers) have shared information needs that are not adequately served by status quo technologies. This workshop seeks to bring together researchers with backgrounds in CSCW, social computing, information retrieval, library sciences, and HCI to discuss the research challenges associated with the emerging field of collaborative information seeking. This workshop will serve as an opportunity to make connections with researchers with diverse backgrounds, to learn about participants' works-in-progress, and to brainstorm on topics of mutual interest, such as developing standardized evaluation tasks for collaborative information seeking systems and considering how new media such as social networking and microblogging tools can play a role in collaborative information seeking.

This is the second workshop we are organizing on this topic; the first workshop web site is here and proceedings have also been published on